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Bahee - Digital Transactions Book

Welcome to the portfolio of Bahee, a comprehensive digital transactions book designed to streamline your financial management experience. Bahee is a multi-faceted project consisting of an Android app developed in Kotlin and an intuitive admin panel powered by Laravel. Let's delve into the key features that make Bahee a standout solution for managing your daily transactions seamlessly.

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Android App (Kotlin)

1. Daily Transaction Recording: Bahee empowers users to effortlessly record their daily transactions, providing a user-friendly interface to input income and expenses. With Bahee, tracking your financial activities becomes a breeze.

2. Push Notifications: Stay informed in real-time with Bahee's push notification feature. Receive alerts for important financial updates, reminders, and personalized messages, ensuring you never miss a crucial financial event.

3. Payment Reminders: Bahee takes the hassle out of remembering payment due dates. Set personalized payment reminders, and let the app notify you in advance, ensuring timely payments and avoiding unnecessary late fees.

4. Digital Banner Creation: Express yourself digitally with Bahee's innovative digital banner creation tool. Customize banners to represent your financial goals, milestones, or any personal achievements, making your financial journey uniquely yours.

5. Profile Management: Bahee understands the importance of personalized experiences. With robust profile management features, users can tailor their financial dashboards, preferences, and settings according to their individual needs.

6. Secure Transaction History: Rest easy knowing that your financial data is in safe hands. Bahee encrypts and secures your transaction history, providing a private and protected space for your financial information.

Admin Panel (Laravel)

1. Centralized Management: The Laravel-powered admin panel serves as the command center, offering administrators a centralized platform for managing user accounts, overseeing transactions, and maintaining the overall health of the system.

2. User Activity Tracking: Gain insights into user interactions with Bahee. Track user activity, analyze usage patterns, and generate reports to make informed decisions and enhancements.

3. Seamless Database Integration: The Laravel admin panel seamlessly integrates with the app's database, ensuring a smooth flow of data between the user interface and the backend. This integration facilitates efficient data management and retrieval.

4. System Updates and Maintenance: Keep your financial management system up-to-date with ease. The admin panel allows for seamless updates, ensuring that Bahee continues to evolve and meet the changing needs of its users.

5. User Support and Assistance: Bahee prioritizes user satisfaction, and the admin panel provides a platform for efficient user support. Address user queries, provide assistance, and maintain a positive user experience.